My Grinding Process

Etches the metal leaving literally millions of tiny facets that reflect and refract light, creating a unique effect that makes the wave appear to move. Notice in this example how the areas that appear dark from one angle appear light from another angle.

No Paint!

Some of my images, such as all the work seen on this page is done solely with an etching process into metal... no color is used at all. Once the etching/grinding is completed, I protect the artwork with a clear protective finish.

The reflective silver metal and glossy clear finish reflect ambient colors from the surrounding environment.

Eastridge Art



Much of my current artwork is done initially with the use of heavy duty metal grinders...the same tools you would see in a welding shop or auto repair shop.

It may seem odd, but with my extensive background as a bronze and stone sculptor, these heavy tools have become very second nature to me and I wield them as easily as other artists use a pencil.